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The Power of Pilates 

Pilates with Wave Yoga combines core elements of Pilates with a selection of Yoga poses, in a physical fitness, flexibility and strengthening programme for people of all ages. First developed as a rehabilitation programme, Pilates is a fantastic way of improving strength, coordination and posture. A full body workout class, it is ideal for novices and experienced Pilates practitioners alike, as the basis for an effective fitness and wellbeing programme. 

The Benefits 

Pilates exercises deliver real, measurable benefits for your body and mind: 
Improve balance and coordination 
Strengthen the core and improve stability 
Build functional strength and fitness 
Improve postural alignment 
Alleviate aches and pains and protect you from injury 


Under normal circumstances we run a weekly Pilates class at Sancton Village Hall every Monday, from 4.30-5.30 pm. 

One to One 

Book one to one Pilates sessions with Ava, and benefit from personalised, tailored support to help you achieve your fitness, health and wellbeing goals. 

Contact Us 

For additional information about Wave Yoga Pilates, our classes or one to one sessions, please contact us today on 07908711480 or email 
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