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In these days where we are sitting too long or experiencing stress and tension, the back takes the strain! You’ll probably not even notice you are doing it but your body will be holding tension.  
Even if you are only gritting your teeth it has an effect on the head placement and if done often enough it will cause the muscles in the neck to tighten.  
In my Yoga classes I’m always saying “remember not to grit your teeth or clench your bottom muscles”.  
It sounds silly but they are holding patterns that cause stress in the body.  
These holding patterns will eventually have an effect on posture, and cause pain. 
So the mind and body are linked if you are stressed your muscles tighten, when the muscles tighten and are held this way for too long you’ll go into pain. 
In today’s blog I’m just going to give you three poses that could really help you with any back ache. 
Forward fold is a beautiful stretch for the spine and hamstrings.  
The image shows a demonstration of 3 ways of achieving the pose.  
You must never ever go to the point of pain. Yoga is about easing the body out of tension, lengthening and strengthening the muscles NOT tearing them. 
Next we have bridging I’ve enclose a little video of myself that you can follow. 
And finally Salamander : 
Start off at the bottom of your mat, knees and feet hip distance apart, sat on the heels,  
Place hands either side of the mat, little fingers on the outside edge of the mat and slide the hands up the mat, the bottom might leave the heels.  
As you inhale push forwards with the pelvis, but make sure you use core control without clenching the buttocks as you move forwards, the head will feel like it’s passing through the collar bone the hips will drop and the head will come up you may feel the arms slightly spiral out and the front of the chest open, but do not worry if you don’t notice that at first, just concentrate on the movement and breathing.  
Mindfulness in the poses comes with time, never rush anything. You could hold the pose for a number of breaths 5+ or take a breath or 2 and then using core control push back with the pelvis back to your start position.  
You can repeat this numerous times. 
If you enjoy these why not join me for a class? Just contact me on 07908711480 classes are all conducted via zoom, live and interactive, you will love them! 
Best wishes, stay safe, 
Ava Monroe 
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